März: Ed Brown

Diesen Monat im S1: >>Modern Folk<<

Ed’s reactions to a lot of Folk Art around Leipzig and East Germany.

Inspired by the various folk art statues, reliefs, journals, maps, trinkets and artworks of Leipzig, Görlitz and a touch of american folklore, „modern folk“ is more of a revisiting, a collection and a passion project than it is anything else.
We are quite literally surrounded by these relicts, myths and superstitions of a lost era in Leipzig. All we have to do is look up beyond the shop fronts and ground floor apartments of our city to be surprised and entertained by them. In a world where our modern folk heroes are almost more out of touch than the demons, animals and symbology of the  previous generations, what stories each one may hold is left to the layman of today to decipher and wonder upon.

Featuring but not limited to:
That baby on a goat in the city centre.
A winged gargoyle that holds up a balcony in Lützner Str.
Sad men carrying wheat.
A man who in some part must believe he is or was a sailor in Lindenau.
And the shoes of a ne’er-do-well in a folk song.

Ed J Brown is an illustrator who lives and works in Lindenau – http://www.edjbrown.com

Finissage ist am Freitag den 5. April:

Besser als ein Kakadu, größer als der Sinn des Lebens und emotionaler als die größten Hits von Enya: S1 Vinyl & Kaffee präsentiert, möglicherweise nur für eine Nacht … KARAOKE. Bring deine Freunde und Ihre antiseptischen Halspastillen mit, und bereite dich auf die kreischenden Höhen und knackigen Tiefen von nicht professionellen Sängern und Sängerinnen vor. Und während Ihre Ohren schlemmen, können Ihre Augen über Edward Brown’s folkloristisches Kunstwerk lächeln. Diesen Freitag beenden wir unsere aktuelle Ausstellung >>ModernFolk<< von Ed J Brown mit bisschen KARAOKE!

—————————————————————- Better than Kakadu, bigger than the meaning of life and more emotional than the greatest hits of Enya: S1 Vinyl & Kaffee presents, possibly for one night only … KARAOKE. Bring your friends and your antiseptic throat lozenges and prepare for the screeching highs and crackly lows of non professional singers. And while your ears are feasting your eyes can smile upon Edward Brown’s folkloric artwork on display. Finissage starts: 19Uhr Karaoke starts: 21Uhr Come over, this will be fun!!! (Poster designed by Ed J Brown)